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عشق می ورزم و از ورزش خود دلشادم:-)

به این مطلب امتیاز بدهید
" I wish you first that you love,
And that as you love, you'll also be loved.
And if it's not that way, you'll be brief to forget
And after you forget, you don't bear any grudges.
I wish then, that it won't be like that, but if it is,
You'll know how to be, without despair.

I also wish you to have friends,
And that, even bad and inconsistant
They should be brave and loyal, and, that at least
there's one of them in who you can trust without a doubt.

And because life is like it is,
I also wish you have enemies.
Not too many nor too few, in the exact amount,
So that sometimes, you'll question your
Own certainties. And that among them,
There's one who's just and fair, so that you won't feel too sure.

I wish you also that you're useful,
But not indispensable.
And that at bad times,
When there's nothing else left,
That sense of usefulness will be enough
to keep you on you feet.

As well, I wish you to be tolerant,
Not with the ones that make few mistakes,
Because that's easy, but with the ones that make
a lot of mistakes, and inevitably do so,
and that by making good use of that tolerance,
you'll be an example to others.

I wish you that being young you don't mature too fast,
And that once grown up, you don't insist in returning to youth,
And that being old you don't dedicate yourself to despair.
Because every age has it's pleasure
And it's pain,
and it's necessary to let them flow among us.

By the way, I wish you to be sad.
Not the entire year, but a day.
But that in that day you'll figure out that
Daily laughter is good, usual laughter is lame,
and constant laughter is unhealthy.

I wish you to find out
With maxium urgency, above everything
and despite all, that there exist
and surround you, opressed beings
treated unjustly, and unhappy persons.

I wish you to pet a dog (or a cat)
Feed a bird, and hear a goldfinch
rise triumphantly its early song,
because this way,
you'll feel good about nothing.

I wish you also to plant a seed,
Even if it's a tiny one, and that,
You may accompany it in it's growth,
So that you discover
Of how many lives is made a tree.

I wish you also to have money,
because it's necessary to be practical,
and that even once a year
you place some of that money in front of you
and you say "this is mine"
just to make clear
who owns who.

The same I wish you that none of your dear ones die,
But if someone dies, you may cry without regrets
And suffer without feeling guilty.

Finally I wish you that, being a man,
You'll have a good woman, and that being a woman,
You'll have a good man,
Tomorrow and the day after, and that when
You're exhausted and similing,
You'll talk about love to start over.

If all of these things come to be,
Then I have nothing else to wish you."

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